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DDC break dance

The talented dancers from DDC won the title for German champion, European champion and world champion in breakdance. In their powerful presentations, they impressively demonstrate how much freedom of movement the cotton jersey models allow.

Verdandy official fashion partner of DDC Breakdancee


Duo piti

Verdandy has been the official fashion partner of the Duo Piti for their spectacular performances since 2016. The two Hanoverians won Got to Dance as Germany's best dance act in 2015. They prefer to wear the Thor model for their artistic performances of dance and acrobatics.or“.


Verdandy is the official fashion partner of Duo Pitii




Whether weight lifting, jumping rope, pull-ups or training with the kettlebells, the versatile exercises in Crossfit promote endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and coordination..

When it comes to mobility, the Verdandy jogging pants with their contrasting drawstring and slim fit can definitely keep up!


In the traditional martial art of karate, the perfect wearing comfort of our models is best used. The targeted punching, kicking and pushing techniques require maximum freedom of movement to perform.

The generous stretch of the material allows effortless high-level foot sweeping techniques. Be water my friend.

Olympic diving

In this competitive sport you go from 5 to 10 meter high towers into the cool water. Whether jumping from the handstand, the artful screw jump or dolphin jump as an artificial jumper, every movement has to be perfect and completed cleanly.n.

The test shows that the courageous jumps are not only successful in swimming trunks, but also in our models.